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First, advance sale tickets are available at the school between the hours of 8am and 2pm all this week.  Student tickets are $6, Adult tickets are $8.  For those who may not have been to one of these games in Wheeling, please keep in mind that traffic in that area will be crazy on Friday night.  Getting on to Wheeling Island may be a bit of a wait.  
The band buses will be leaving the school at 3:30 Friday afternoon. The band will be providing food (most likely sandwich rings, veggies, etc.) for the kids in the band room right after school, so we are encouraging the band students to stay after school.  Of course, that will also require students to bring their shoes, socks, bibbers, and any other warm weather items with them to school on Friday.  We'll make sure the band room is open in the morning to allow students to drop things off there rather than carrying them around all day.  Kick-off is set for 7pm, so it will probably be around midnight when we return.  If you are going to the game and want to sign your student out after the game, you will need to meet us at the buses to do so.  (Not sure where we will be parked, just follow the trail of blue rain coats after the game.)  :-)
We will need chaperones 3-4 for each bus.  If you are able to help out with that, please contact Stephanie Bennett at 304-282-7693 asap.
Also, if there are any parents out there who like to bake, the kids always enjoy a cookie with their meal.  Just send them in on Friday or drop them off right after school.  A few parents to help with set up (starting at 2) and clean-up would be greatly appreciated!
Parents, Mr. Schneider will make arrangements for the 8th grade marching band students to be dismissed/excused early from the middle school (around 2:15) so that they can make it to the high school in time to eat and board the buses.  However, parents must transport the students to the high school.  If anyone has a transportation issue, please shoot us a message and we'll see if we can work out some carpooling arrangements with another 8th grade parent.  Please keep in mind that the back drive of the high school will be full of buses at that time, so you will need to drop them off at the end of the back drive or just wait a few minutes for the buses to depart and then drive through.
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