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Saturday, October 5, 2019:  The Forest Festival



The 83rd Annual Mountain State Forest Festival will take place in early October.  Their grand feature parade will be on Saturday, October 5.  The Elkins High School Band also sponsors a Tournament of Bands field competition following the parade. Here is what you can expect.


Saturday, October 5, the band will gather at the band room at 8:30am. Buses will depart from the school at 9am and travel to Elkins to arrive in time for the kids to have a sack lunch, get in to uniform, then line up for the Grand Feature Parade.  (The band truck and trailer will be in the gated area at Wimer Field, the buses will park a little further away.) The Antique Cars and Logging Trucks start through at 1pm, the Feature Parade steps off at 1:30.  


After the parade, the kids will get out of their uniforms, put away their instruments, and get back on the buses.  At that point, we will travel to Camp Pioneer, the Randolph County 4-H Camp just outside of Beverly.  At their Agricultural building, we will have a meal for the kids and chaperones.  After our meal time and some relaxing time (air-conditioned building, clean restrooms, plenty of green space for the kids to be outside if the weather is nice).  Then we will head back into town for the field competition.  If you are able to donate food or help set up for meal time Click Here.


For those who may be traveling to Elkins to see the parade and the competition, there really is a lot going on in downtown Elkins.  Check out this website for more information on things to do in the morning, or between the parade and the field competition. 

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